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Welcome to the BotFleet Python SDK! The SDK provides a simple interface to interact with the BotFleet REST API.


You can install the SDK via pip:

pip install botfleet

Once installed, you can use it to make requests:

import botfleet

botfleet.api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY"

bot = botfleet.Bot.retrieve(id="15d19ca3-26f1-4adb-9cea-3955b73d9b4e")

execution = bot.execute()


The sections below provide a basic overview of the SDK's resources and their relationships.


A BotBuilderJob is automatically created every time a Bot is created or if a Bot's python_version or requirements attribute is updated. BotBuilderJob produces a Build.

BotBuilderJob and Build can't be created manually. They are created automatically by BotFleet. You can simply list and retrieve them for information purposes.


You can create a BotExecutorCronJob to schedule a Bot to be executed periodically. BotExecutorCronJob produces Executions. You can suspend and resume a BotExecutorCronJob at any time by changing its status attribute.


You can create a BotExecutorJob to execute a Bot once. BotExecutorJob produces an Execution. BotExecutorJob is created every time you manually execute a Bot from the UI on or when you invoke the execute method on a Bot object.


A BotTemplate is a template for creating a Bot. It's purpose is to have pre-defined values that can be used to create a Bot without having to specify them every time. create_from_template method on Bot accepts a template_id and creates a Bot with the values defined in the BotTemplate.


A Bot can be created from scratch or from a BotTemplate. Bot can be scheduled to be executed periodically via BotExecutorCronJob or executed once via BotExecutorJob.


Created by BotBuilderJob. Signifies a single build of a Bot. A bot can be rebuilt unlimited times.


Created by BotExecutorJob or BotExecutorCronJob. Signifies a single execution of a Bot.


A Store is a key-value database. It can be attached to any number of bots. Attachment happens during bot creation. Accessing a Store from a Bot is done via the store argument of the main function:

def main(request, store):
store["foo"] = "bar"
return store["foo"]